Thursday, May 15, 2014

How To Lose Body Fat (Fat Loss Tips)

Fat Loss is a major concern for many people around the world mainly in countries with a thriving middle class. They steadily gain weight over time as they settle into their jobs and get comfortable. Another contributing factor is lack of exercise and less physical activity. This has become more prevalent in this day and age when technology has been taking over is becoming an integral part of every household. It is almost like it is a necessity.

The prevalence of television sets, video game consoles, smart devices (like our smart phones and tablet pc's) and computers (eg. laptops, net-books and apple computers etc.) is evident. Also, with more people living in confined spaces like apartment in major towns and big cities, no wonder we are obese.

Most people don't like exercise because we see it as a stressful and troublesome task. We are living in a fast paced world since the creation of the web and it's access was cheaply available to the public. As a society, we have put more emphasis on speed of data transfer and leisure more than any other time in history.

So we are becoming more mentally involved with our world as the amount of information is ever increasing and always changing. But there is a major drawback. What most people don't realize is that both mental and physical  health go hand in hand. If your body is not in good physical condition then it is impossible or rather highly unlikely that you can keep up with this fast paced world.

We are eating more and doing less. The time we could spend making our bodies stronger is spent most times on leisurely activities like movies, TV shows or socializing online. All of which, don't burn much calories and we just get fatter and put on much more weight than we need.

Weight loss is not a stressful task as most of us make it out to be. Our bodies were made to move and be active. Most jobs in the cities are much less labour intensive. Most people are doing desk jobs which require very little movement other than maintain proper posture in an upright seating position. So gaining is now commonplace. 

Research has shown that increased physical activity has noticeable positive effect on overall physical health and well being. After you exercise, more blood floods to the brain and you feel less numb and sluggish. It is like you don't mind sitting at your desk because your body has gotten it's daily dose of activeness. 

When we were young and growing up especially if we lived in rural areas where we were less confined, we did not have to watch what we ate because we were growing, had high metabolisms, and had lots of space to be active and burn all the calories that we put into our bodies. 

If you notice, weight gain isn't rocket science or a mysterious occurrence. If we were to live more active lives we wouldn't have to even exercise. Before leisure became so commonplace, we all had work to do. Life was more of a "JOB" than it is today because people had to physically get many things done. Manual labour was King.

Nowadays, almost everything is automated. Human input is minimal, sometimes unnecessary because of the new machine work force. Those who can afford it don't even clean their houses themselves anymore, they hire helpers, nannies and the like, to do all of the "mundane" physical tasks that they don't want to do. Even if we don't do these tasks we should fill the void of not doing them with some other activity. 

Most times, we wait and keep procrastinating until it's too late and the damage is done. Sometimes it is too late to fix our weight loss problem. We gradually notice that our pants can't fit us anymore and that our stomach's are protruding sometimes to the point that we can't even see our toes. Then, when we get to the point where we are so disgusted by our appearance, that is when we act.

When the mirror is not our friend and not showing us the physique that we want to see, that is when we take action and try to reverse what we let happen. That is when the weight loss companies and all of the people profiting from obesity step in, when all this could have been prevented in the first place. All you really had to do was just eat less of what you are eating and add in a few healthier choices of food in order that you are still eating your fill minus the excess calories.

Fat loss is not that hard. People make make it seem like it is so difficult to lose weight. It is not like anyone was born fat or it is not like anyone was born overweight. We got that way by poor lifestyle choices. More Food + Less Physical Activity = More Fat. When you put an excess of anything into any system, it usually stores the excess. Just like our bodies store all of the extra calories as fat.

Not that fat is a bad thing. Just that too much can mess up your life. When you are overweight you don't feel good. You feel insecure about your body. You don't want to be around others. You are more stressed out because you are always thinking about it. You are less confident when you are interacting with others. And you feel less sexy. With all of these negatives, being obese can't do any good for you.

I am not saying be skinny, I am just saying your body should be in proper proportions. You should have yours curves if you are a woman and if you are a man you should have more defined lean muscle. It isn't just for looks and confidence or to even attract a mate. It will ensure your health and wellness so that you can live a long productive life free from weight related illnesses and stress.

We all can achieve our desired weight, we just have to see it as a priority in our lives and not avoid dealing with it until it becomes a major health problem. LOSE THE WEIGHT AND GET IN SHAPE. Thanks for reading this article.