Saturday, June 25, 2016

Video Log 46, Price and Benefits, Joslyn Benjamin

Video Log 45, Price and Benefits, Joslyn Benjamin

Why is the Whole World So BLIND

I can't believe that people can be listening to the media at this time about what impact Britain leaving the EU has caused. They are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.

Listen to this and here is the deal. It doesn't matter if they leave or not, the world will not end because they left the EU. Here is what will happen, NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

The world will still be spinning on its axis. The sun will keep on shining and the world will eventually move on and forget all about it. Stop listening to speculators. They are glad that this happened because there is more money on the forex and stock markets for them to make a profit.

The like that the British Pound has lost some of its buying power because they can make a profit from the price margin and the exchange rate.

There are no winners or losers and Britain can rejoin the European Union anytime it pleases. It is no big deal.

This is what you should be doing:
- Investing and buying cheap assets
- saving toward an investment goal
- starting a business
- inventing new custom business models
- and finally stop stressing over small stuff.

Time has not stopped the European Union can survive without 1 member. Ok, so just chill folks.